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In addition to our individual partnerships, some of our befriendees and befrienders participate in a weekly social group that carries out a range of local activities - above are some of us on a visit to one of the Colleges.

Tandem's weekly social group is invaluable for those waiting for a partnership, and those whose partnership has ended but who appreciate some continuing support. The focus on an activity, a museum visit or walk along the river allows people to interact with others in a supportive environment, and the group also offers new volunteers

an introduction to Tandem’s work.

Here is an example on what the group did in one month:

Visit to the Four Candles Pub, Oxford

The Four Candles takes its name from The Two Ronnies' sketch of the same name (Four Candles-Four Forks). Ronnie Baker went to school nearby. An outing here gives the group the chance to catch up and share some social time together. 

Ten Pin Bowling

This is a popular Social Group activity, and there is also the chance to enjoy some refreshments together. 

ten pin bowling.jpg

A visit to the Ashmolean

The Social Group enjoyed a visit to see the popular Last Supper in Pompeii exhibition, and were shown round by a very helpful staff member. 

Last Supper in Pompeii.jpg

A walk to Iffley Lock

The group walked along the river, spotting a heron, and then had a coffee together. 

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