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Referrals to Tandem can be made by any mental health professional working with an individual. As a small charity, with limited resources, demand for our befrienders far outstrips what we are able to provide. Please be aware of this when considering making a referral.

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I think it has generally contributed to my mental health and well-being to have a constant weekly meeting with my patient and thoughtful ‘befriender’. Having very few friends generally has made me lonely and reclusive. I am very grateful that Tandem do all

they do for people like me.

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[My befriender] continues to be a source of support, showing genuine interest in my life and well-being. We continue to share common interests and visit places of mutual interest. My befriender is very responsive when I simply need to talk through my feelings and does her best to offer positive and constructive advice and reassurance. Thank you Tandem for bringing us together.


I value my befriender because it is different from committing to a friendship. I cannot keep friendships, but I can commit to a befriending partnership because there are boundaries. 

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