20 Years of Tandem

Last year, Tandem celebrated their 20th year and we thank each and everyone of you, who have been part of Tandem to date! We look forward to the next 20 years of Tandem's success.

We celebrated by organising a birthday raffle at the 2019 Elder Stubbs festival and the prize was a Tandem inspired cake (pictured)

Here is a recent story from a befriender to demonstrate Tandem's work:

I first came across Tandem when I saw a poster on an inpatient ward at the Warneford Hospital, in Oxford, where I was visiting a friend’s son. I wanted to help and felt I might have something to offer, in particular not being frightened by the label of mental ill-health.

It took me  sometime to comfortably slip into to non-verbal time spent with my first befriendee. Through that period, I came to experience and value that calm gentle way of being - like the ripples of a pebble on a large, still pond. Slowly my befriendee relaxed and we developed a light-hearted, gentle relationship. I learned to let things be, and find pleasure in the moment.

More broadly I have also been reminded of the vast spread of different levels of mental health throughout all of us, and how these can change over time. I’ve also noticed how befriendees  have to battle with a mental health care system that is not always flexible, or responsive to their needs.

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