Tandem Friends

Friends of Tandem

Becoming a Friend of Tandem means that you can support Tandem’s work without the commitment of being a management committee member, whilst also meeting like-minded people and hopefully having some fun! As a Friend you will be able to stay in touch with Tandem’s activities and attend our events. You will decide with other Friends how to support Tandem which could be in a number of ways.

We need both core members to organise events and a wider membership to provide occasional support with activities arranged by the Friends group.

  • Help to raise additional funds e.g. through coffee mornings, cake stalls, barn dances, musical, art, sports or other creative events, a ‘mental health’ book club etc.
  •  Increase awareness of Tandem by spreading the word amongst other people and organisations
  • Feed ideas into Tandem e.g. about where to recruit volunteer befrienders or organisations to approach for funding
  • Provide us with useful contacts who can help us develop our service

This list is just some of the ideas that have come up so far and no doubt there will be many other interesting and innovative activities that will be thought up by the Friends of Tandem.

Contact us for more details: enquiries.tandembefriending@gmail.com